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Sun Dental Labs has a strong dedication to providing innovative dental solutions, including orthodontic appliances. Our offering of the more common ortho and fixed appliances used in a Dental Practice makes it easy to find exactly what your patients require. Plus, your patients will see faster, longer-lasting results thanks to our commitment to creating the most precisely fitting, durable products possible.

Traditionally, plaster models have provided the basis for retainer design, but with our SunOrtho Lab and Digital Services, our ortho appliances will maintain an exact fit. The process is quicker and more precise than conventional methods, plus there’s no need to retain patient plaster molds. Our digital technology makes removing any model imperfections, such as brackets, simple and seamless. We have the technology and expertise to create accurate and efficient ortho devices for an array of applications.

Sun Dental Ortho Product Offerings

We offer premium materials, combined with industry-leading technology, meaning our ortho retainers and other appliances will fit precisely and last for years.

Fixed Appliances

  • Band and Loop
  • Bilateral Space Maintainer

Ortho Retainers

  • Hawley Retainer
  • Clear Retainer [Essix Style]

Other Removable Appliances

  • Bleaching Trays
  • Night Guards

Study Models

  • Basic Study Model
  • Digital Study Model
Leading Digital Dental Lab

We are a full-service dental laboratory offering fixed and removable dental restoration products worldwide.


"Sun Dental Labs has been producing SunCeram® zirconia crowns and bridges for my patients for some time which are more esthetic looking than the traditional zirconia crowns that appear chalky and unnatural. They are strong enough that they can be used not just in the anterior but the posterior area as well. Sun Ceram zirconia crowns are quality restorations at a competitive price."

– Joseph R. Craig, DDS

"Sun Dental Labs has provided us with CAD/CAM restorations as well as removable prosthesis. Their team offers the latest in technology and a great line of the products. Beyond the quality of their work Sun Dental Labs provides great customer service and clear communication to meet delivery dates and our expectations. It has been a real pleasure working with such a upper level lab."

– M. Reza Iranmanesh, D.M.D., M.S.D., P.A

"I have been very pleased with the communication and support I get from the Sun team regarding SunClear® Aligners. I have had great success with patients getting the results they wanted to straighten their teeth. The lab fees are very reasonable allowing a great product to be delivered to my patients at a lower price. I always enjoy being able to meet my mission of quality dentistry at affordable prices for everyone. "

– Nancy Havens, DDS, MBA

"I am starting to work in a new dental office with cases of SunClear® aligners and want to thank Dr. Torres because he has been very helpful to me. I always write him about any doubts, and he responds almost immediately and clarifies them. He helps me with case planning, gives suggestions and always considers my interests a priority in order to achieve the goal I want for each patient. Thanks to the help and excellent disposition of Dr. Torres and Sun Dental Labs I have been able to carry out my first cases successfully. "

– Nadyan M Vargas Barreto DDS

"I have been using SunClear® aligners for about 6 months now and am so impressed with the quality of the product and the readily available staff to answer any of my needs. The best part is their online portal that makes it so easy to treatment plan your cases for review and approve. As a provider of other competing clear aligner products for many years the prices have become a large problem and with the low price offered by SunClear®, we were able to lower our Ortho fees to accommodate so many more patients and change their smiles with the same ease and quality as the more expensive companies. "

– Ronald E Rosenbaum DMD, DASBA, PA
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