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“Our vision is to establish digital dentistry as the standard of care and to make it affordable and accessible to patients all over the world.” – Derek Diasti, CEO, Sun Dental Labs

SunDigital Solutions

Digital dentistry is no longer the future. Digital dentistry is now, and it is becoming the standard of care your patients expect. SunDigital Solutions gives you access to a fully digital workflow improving your restoration quality, saving your dental practice money on impression materials and shipping costs, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Intraoral Scanning

Once your scan is complete, simply upload the scan through our user friendly website – www.sundentallabs.com/mysunaccount directly to the lab for manufacturing. After your scan is uploaded, you can view your case and communicate with us directly from your laptop.

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Digital Communication

Once your scan is complete, simply plug the scanner into your SunDigital laptop and upload the scan through our user-friendly SunCloud app. SunCloud sends your scan directly to the lab for manufacturing. After your scan is uploaded, you can view your case and communicate with us directly from the app on your laptop.

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Easy Digital Communication

Digital Manufacturing

Going digital doesn’t stop with the scanner. Our labs use advanced digital manufacturing techniques including CAD (computer-­aided design), CAM (computer-­aided manufacturing), and 3D printing to create high quality restorations designed to improve your patient’s treatment outcomes.

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With the SunDigital Solution, our digital workflow means you receive your patient’s restorations 5 business days after submission, eliminating the traditional 2 to 3 week turnaround times that force patients to wait.

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“I have been using the SunDigital Dentistry Solution after purchasing it at the Florida National Dental Conference in June 2014. The combination of Sun Dental Lab and Carestream has produced restorations with superior margins, occlusion and reduced remakes relative to the standard impression techniques.”

David L. Walker


About Sun Dental Labs

We believe now is the time for the dental industry to go digital. As a global company, our goal is to provide our customers with the digital solutions and high-quality restorations they need to successfully evolve their dental practices to compete in the digital landscape. We believe by doing this we will play a leading role in helping our customers become more efficient in their practice, significantly reduce remakes, patient chair time, and ultimately play a part in improving dental care for patients across the globe.

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